2D Olympic Games

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2D Olympic Games

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:09 am

Welcome to the concept of the Olympics Games

Let me introduce myself , My name is Rafael and in this Forum I am known as Dyprax. I Am 21 years old.At the moment I'm doing small jobs until I start my studies. I used to organize some tournaments in online games.
A few weeks ago I had the idea that I have to make a great Olympics for 2D game developers.

What are you Imagine?
Normal Contest, there are some, but what about when you combine them into an Olympics with many "small" contests? To create a Game you have to make one small step after another. Each of those small steps can be made into one big competetion. Each of the small steps will be individually assessed and finally you count all phase together and you have the total score.

What about a theme ?
Yes, the Olympics have a big issue: Crime. All phases have to revolve around the issue of crime.

How many phases and for what is a phase?
There are 6 phases to get points . Now I will explain the 6 phases (all informations about time and points you will get in the forum):

1st Phase
Task: Your task is to create a Main Char for a crime themed Game. You have to create him in written form and graphically. For the Graphic form I just want a Face. Well draw it by yourself or use graphics that already exist ( Please credit them). For drawing a Face you can get extra points if it is good

2nd Phase
Task: In the second phase, you have to make a screenshot, which deals with the subject of crime and the protagonist from the first phase.

3rd Phase
Task: The third phase will be a little more difficult, you have to create a feature for a murder mystery game. As example a notebook, an opinion meter for every NPC or just other features.

4th Phase
Task: The fourth task is writing a story that involves the protagonist. And the scene of the screen should be recognizable. The difficulty is to write the story interesting for the reader and not to reveal too much so that he would play this story as a game.

5th Phase
Task: Your task is to create a minigame that matchs your Story.As example to get something out of the fire and watch out that you will not hurt by the flames.

Task: Your final task. All previous phases are combined into a game that is supposed to have at least 15 minutes playing time.

Everyone who is interested to become a Jury-Member can send me a pm Smile


Anyone can participate. Groupings may also take place, but only up to 3 people.
The most important requirement is, there must be a 2D game. All 3D games will be disqualified.The game has to be english.

-Old Pat
-Team LPDM : TTT, TheCloud & Choco-sama
-Jens of Zanicuud
-"TeraZaky" : Teraglehn, Hicozaky, Velrogh

-Emblem ( made by Kerberos)
-I work as a Pixelartist for the 1. and 2. winner for free. ( My Art http://circledrain.deviantart.com/ )

We are always happy about donations. Songs, pictures whatever Smile

The intent
Why I want to make such an effort to do something crazy? It is relatively easy. I love it. I want to see how big communities are willing to participate in something. Above all, some "game producer" get known and the communities are not only for themselves and you can see that the world is much larger.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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